My InkWell

As a communication professional, I've learned how much writing matters to me.  I always had flair for writing.

While I was not selected in the Medical Entrance after my 12th, I decided to do my further study in English Literature. I was an Assamese Medium school student till my matriculation. Inspired by my father who did his Masters in English Literature, I too decided to go in the same track. With the kind and strict guidance of my father, I completed my Masters in English Literature. And then while my first Article was published in the editorial page of The Assam Tribune, the highest circulated newspaper in North East, my Dad was so happy that he sent me to Delhi for doing coaching for civil services so that I can follow him again. I completed my coaching, but I didn’t appear the Exam as Mass Communication course was calling me vehemently….Yes! I decided…told my Dad that I would like to go into communication sphere. My sweet Dad! He had no option…but to say ‘Yes’ to his daughter.

While pursuing my Mass Communication course, I was caught as a Cartoonist too for which I was asked by one of my teachers to contribute to his local newspaper circulated only in UP. Thus, added another feather on my writing cap.

Now, the communication cravings swim through my senses, deeply submerged and rarely rising for breath. I wonder about at where it might take me. What world will I create and who will be my mind manufacturer to fill them?

As a writer, for me, imagination is the only horizon. You can just peep into my mind through my write-ups, poems, stories.

I want to write what brings me closer to the essential truth of what makes me feel, understand who I am, painting my life with the tip of a pen or stroke of a key, rinsing memory in vivid color, then carving a future from the words I create.

Writing, to me, is the music I make for a dance of my own choreography. Each of those moments when I find a tangle of thought unraveled upon the page revealing my inner self and then placing it on display for the reader, I stand back both blessed and happy.

So, Big Welcome to my Website! The legacy I will leave of the life I lived !